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Long Time, No Blog September 6, 2010

Posted by cbuchanan in Uncategorized.

My plan for the second half of the summer was to take it easy, basically. Since I’m not participating in Artwalk as an artist this year, I wouldn’t be making prints every night, leaving me all kinds of time to experiment with my art. Well, that didn’t quite happen. Here’s all that I have going on right now:

–I’m volunteering for Artwalk this weekend.
–I’m working on new wall art for the grand opening of the new Naked Art in early October.
–I’m planning a printmaking show that will open in January at Lite Box Gallery. I’m curating this one rather than making the art for it, and it will feature all kinds of printmaking from artists across Alabama.
–I’m working on two magazine articles that you’ll see in the coming months.
–I’ve been doing some traveling.
–I am actually doing some artistic experimentation. I recently created my first intaglio print, which was a lot of fun.
–Plus there are big events to attend, including the grand opening of Railroad Park on Sept. 18 and the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival the following week.

And of course, new ideas for new projects keep popping up all the time. I’m trying to do a better job at prioritizing them and spacing them out. There’s so much I want to do around here, but not enough time to do it!



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