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Artscape October 28, 2009

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This has been a busy month in my art studio–a.k.a. my living room and kitchen. Mainly, I’ve been working on ornaments and other little goodies for Naked Art’s annual “Kitschmas” show in November.

But more about that later. First I want to show you this. It’s the print resulting from the really tough block I mentioned in my last post. And it’s debuting at a new–and somewhat unique–art event next month. Artscape is an auction benefiting the Freshwater Land Trust, an organization charged with protecting some of central Alabama’s most beautiful natural spots–treasures like Turkey Creek Nature Preserve, which needs a post of its own so that I can wax poetic about it. For Artscape, the Land Trust challenged artists to visit many of its protected properties and then create art inspired by those lands. You can see some of the resulting artworks here, and I think they’re fantastic. Among those, you’ll spot my other piece created for this event, a multiple-block-print piece on wood inspired by Red Mountain Park.

Speaking of Red Mountain Park, check out its totally revamped Web site. It’s got a lot of great features on it, but I particularly like the two movable maps: one showing what the park hopes to feature on opening day and another that presents some tantalizing additions for the future. (Find boht under “View Master Plan.”) The concept illustrations are great, too–they’re an exciting preview of what could become Birmingham’s crown jewel.



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