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Weird and Wordy October 7, 2009

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All right! Tonight I finished carving a very intimidating block, and the resulting print turned out fantastic, which means I’m on a little artistic high–which means it’s time to talk about intriguing new art exhibits in town.

First up in Christy Daniel’s new solo show opening at Naked Art this Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. I can’t wait to see what Christy has created for this one, titled “Woodland Wonder Misfits.” Her work often seems to be a cross between cute and bizarre–like a twisted version of a Rankin-Bass stop-motion holiday special–but it always makes me laugh. It’ll be a fun show.

There’s another show you need to see over at Bare Hands Gallery. Pat Snow’s “Would you like me better if I made you a pretty picture?” is a collection of random images–from stars to supermarkets–on mostly unframed paper. It sounds simple, but each image is painted in watercolor–expertly, I might add. I love watercolor, but I have no patience with painting with it; it’s so uncontrollable. Pat doesn’t have that problem, apparently. His pieces are detailed–some approach photorealism–and he knows how to use color or even shades of black to create a great image. Most of his images also feature text, from a simple phrase to stories several hundred words long. You can’t help but read them, and some will make you laugh or think, “Ah, I’ve been there, too.” For me, the text is an essential part of these pieces. It certainly adds an extra dimension to the art, just like the use of watercolor. Pat’s show is up at Bare Hands until Oct. 24.



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