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Double Take May 17, 2009

Posted by cbuchanan in Uncategorized.

The next time you’re driving south on 22nd Street, take a look to the right just before you cross 2nd Avenue South, and you’ll see a literal blast from the past. Thanks to the removal of a brick wall–and the entire Screening Room–you can now see a near-pristine vintage painted ad for Double Cola, exploding on the wall of the neighboring building in red, yellow, black, and green. Its vividness means that it must have been relatively freshly painted when the wall was built over it (which seems to have been a common occurrence decades ago).

Whoever is developing that corner deserves kudos for uncovering and showcasing that sign. (I’m not sure if they’re doing anything to preserve it, but they certainly didn’t paint over it to give the wall a uniform look, which deserves a lot of praise!) It looks like the corner will be home to a parking lot, and the adjacent building is being redeveloped nicely. I’m eager to see what the whole arrangement looks like when it’s done. They have certainly given themselves an instant landmark by spotlighting that Double Cola sign.



1. John Morse - May 18, 2009

A put a couple of photos up on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dystopos/tags/doublecola/

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