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Good News April 5, 2009

Posted by cbuchanan in Uncategorized.

It’s about time for some, wouldn’t you say? Here are some grounds for optimism:

–Red Mountain Park is making progress. The park’s updated site has information on three spring-summer public tours to “new” parts of the property, plus updates on the planning process.

–Last week, the Sloss Furnaces National Cast Iron Conference drew 500 people to Birmingham from as far away as Canada.

–Downtown is popping with new restaurants/bars. Cafe DuPont has opened a bar, and the Redmont has put one on the roof (I must see that view!). Ga Briella’s is a new fine-dining restaurant in the 4th Avenue District. And Rogue Tavern is looking good as it prepares to open on 2nd Ave. N.

–An extensive restoration of Woodlawn High School’s 1930s WPA murals is under way. These murals are a classic example of Depression-era art, and the private/community fundraising for this project offers a great example of how little donations can add up to big improvements for the city.

–And check this out: A Nashville blogger who writes about urban design and architecture visited Birmingham last week and has some good things to say about it. (You may have to scroll down a bit once you get to his page.)



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