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Riches March 1, 2009

Posted by cbuchanan in Uncategorized.

Last night I had to work a fantastic art event–but instead of being one of the artists, I was helping to document it. ArtBlink is a fundraiser for the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center, which is one of my clients. (I work on its magazine, Crossroads.) And it’s not your ordinary art auction–the artists create the works to be auctioned right there in front of you, and they have just 90 minutes to do it.

I was directing a video shoot for a cool online multimedia piece that will accompany a future issue of the magazine, so I got a close look at what each artist was creating. In that one space were painters, sculptors, potters, folk artists, mixed-media artists, political artists, and an artist who used lights in her piece. Even the abstract artists painted wildly varying works. It was a great reminder of the wealth of artistic talent and creativity we have in this town, especially when you consider that the 20 ArtBlink participants represent just a fraction of the local artist community. Once we have the multimedia piece online, I’ll post a link here so that you can see for yourself.

As for my own art, I’m pondering some big ideas, which may spin out into some ambitious prints and projects over the course of this year. We’ll see what happens!



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