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Leonardo Visits Birmingham September 21, 2008

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Next Sunday, the Birmingham Museum of Art opens Leonardo da Vinci: Drawings from the Biblioteca Reale in Turin, and while this exhibit is nowhere near as large as last year’s Pompeii show, it is a big, big deal. For one thing, this is the only time these drawings have been exhibited as a collection outside Italy. (Good job, BMA!) And also–admission is free. If you want to see Leonardo art anywhere else in the world, you usually have to shell out some cash for a ticket–along with some pricey airfare.

There are 11 drawings in this show, along with a notebook of sketches that illustrate Leonardo’s studies on the flight of birds. While that may not sound like much, there’s a lot to think about–and appreciate–when you’re looking at them. They’re 500 years old, to begin with. Also, Leonardo’s sketches are art in themselves, with lots of detail and life. (My sketches, not so much. :) ) I love looking at artist sketches because they feel more raw and real than many of finished pieces–you’re seeing an idea closer to the moment of its creation, as the artist is figuring it out. It’s like you’re part of the process.

In unrelated news, some of my matted prints and one-of-a-kind prints on wood from Artwalk are now at Naked Art. If there’s something you missed, there’s a good chance you’ll find it there!



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