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Notes on a Weekend September 14, 2008

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I didn’t get a chance to post this earlier, but the current Birmingham Weekly features my art on the cover. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece I created for the poster for the Woodlawn Arts event that was held last Saturday, and hopefully it conveys the spirit of revitalization that is taking root in that neighborhood. And do you see the concentric circles in the background? I get that effect by printing with a textured rubber placemat I found at Ikea!

The Woodlawn event seemed to be a great success. It sure did present a lot of possibilities–and not only that, but I was excited to see that there are already artists working in studios in that business district. So things are beginning to roll there. By the way, the Woodrow Hall event space is darn nice and beautifully restored. (Naturally, I was mesmerized by the vintage ruby- and emerald-colored linoleum on the floors.) I’d love to attend an event there.

I also want to take a moment to remember my friend Craig Biddle, who passed away last week. Not only was he the designer of my Web site, but he was an amazing artistic talent–a photorealistic painter–that few people knew about. His friends and I will never forget him or his creativity.



1. mishy - September 16, 2008


Thank you for your kind words about Craig. We will all miss him deeply. He certainly had kind words for you as well. We go back a long way since our days at Montevallo, and he was indeed a tremendously talented artist, an eloquent speaker, and a very stand up guy who so many people loved. He has always been one of my very favorite people.

I will forever miss the sound of his voice and his little chuckle. And nobody in the world gave better hugs than Craig Biddle. Some of the most amazing moments of my life were spent with him.

2. karin fecteau - September 19, 2008

i second mishy…he did give the world’s best hugs…i’ll miss his voice and his chuckles…thanks for the kind words about Craig. You say it well.

3. claire - September 20, 2008

wow, just heard this news about craig. i’ve been away for about a year. can you tell me how he passed? he was a terrific graphic designer and friend.

4. cbuchanan - September 22, 2008

Claire, I tried to e-mail you, but the message bounced.

5. Kim - September 25, 2008

I find myself in tears reading all of your kind words about Craig. I couldn’t have imagined this void created by his absence. It was nice getting to meet everyone. Thank you for being such wonderful friends to him… Kim

6. DWilliams - December 29, 2008

Craig was a great guy with a very special talent. I was friends with Craig during my college years at UM. I have lived out of state since ’90 and lost contact with him. I just read a short 2 line write up in the current issue of my UM alumni magazine. I am in total shock and devastation by this news. What happened? If you can, please email me.

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