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Update-o-rama June 21, 2008

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I just realized that I really need to update the changing news/info items on the home page of cbuchanan.net. But until I get time for that, here’s a few quick updates:

–The debut CD by Vulture Whale (with my prints on it) is still available. Look for it on iTunes and Amazon, among other places.
–I still have prints available at the Vulcan Park gift shop.
–I no longer have pieces on the walls of Silvertron Cafe; they’re now over at Roly Poly in Vestavia. (These are all big wall pieces, so be sure to check them out if you’re mainly familiar with my smaller works.)
–I’m out of the one-of-a-kind postcards at Naked Art–for now, anyway. I’ve got new ideas for those, and I hope to have more in the gallery this fall.
–“Iron Spires” is still available through Naked Art. You can order nearly any print of mine at any time through the gallery.
–As for HGTV, I’ve heard a whisper that the season of That’s Clever! with the B’ham artists will begin airing this September. We’ll see!
–Artwalk 2008 is Sept. 5-6. I’m already making prints for it!
–The “Art of Dixie” group show was last year, but I am in a new group show at Naked Art this August. It’ll be a hunka hunka burnin’ fun.



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