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What Came Before June 4, 2008

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The new issue of UAB Magazine, one of (counts) five periodicals I regularly work on in my real job, is now out. And not only that, but we’ve debuted a new Web site to go with it.

Since I’m a Birmingham history buff, you can probably guess that my favorite story in this issue is “What Came Before: Exploring UAB’s Past Lives,” which tells the tales of the streets and blocks that now make up UAB’s campus. (I really wanted to write this one, but alas, I had no time.) You’ll hear about schools and restaurants and–I’m not kidding–a miniature golf course. Plus there are two very cool slideshows: One takes you on a tour of a long-ago, long-vanished 20th Street through old photos (and yes, I’m drooling over some of the old signs in them). The other gives you a time-traveling aerial tour through UAB’s pre- and early history. And be sure to read the side article that describes the goodies that UAB’s Campus Services and Grounds people find when they dig in the dirt.

If you want your own copy of UAB Magazine, look in the atrium of the Birmingham Public Library downtown. I’ve put a rack of them–they’re free–next to Birmingham Weekly and Black & White. Grab one and let me know what you think!



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