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“This Coolest of Deep Southern Cities” May 7, 2008

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Yes, those words were actually spoken–OK, written–about Birmingham. In a national magazine, no less! Check out the article in this month’s issue of Delta Sky magazine. It’s a loving review of the city, and it highlights some favorite spots that haven’t yet gotten a lot of press, including Open Door Cafe and Gilchrist Drug (mmm, limeade).

For me this article is a shot of good news amid the endless drama at City Hall and the Jefferson County Courthouse. It reminds me that people and publications across the country are beginning to discover Birmingham–not because of what our governments are doing, but because of what individual citizens (and groups of those citizens) are doing. I think the Delta article hits the nail on the head when it equates Birmingham with reinvention. That’s definitely us. I see that spirit and creativity in places like Bottletree, Sloss, and the Garage; in events like Artwalk, Sidewalk, Muse of Fire, and Do Dah Day; and even our food and folk art. All of those are unique assets, and they didn’t come about because of any government action–they happened because people here had ideas and reinvented our raw materials into something cooler. We are the ones who will recreate–and are recreating–this magic city.



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