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Storytime April 24, 2008

Posted by cbuchanan in Uncategorized.

I heard the most interesting story last night. I was at an event where I met a woman who had recently moved back to Birmingham. She said that since her move, every time she needed something, someone would appear to provide it. She marveled over this to her hairstylist (I believe), who said (and I’m paraphrasing here), “You know why Birmingham is called the ‘Magic City’? It’s not because it grew like magic. It’s because she is a female entity–and when she favors someone who comes here, she makes sure they get everything they need to thrive. But when she doesn’t like you, that doesn’t happen.”

The hairstylist said it’s an old wives’ tale. I’ve never heard of it, but wherever it came from, it’s mesmerizing. (Todd and Susannah, if you’re reading this, it sounds like the spark of a compelling piece of Southern lit!)

I think if you actively look for magic in this city, you’ll find it, whether or not some mysterious entity hands it to you on a plate. I find it in our art and architecture, blue skies and green forests, our railroad river, molten metal, the 3-D history book that is our neighborhoods, Southern kitsch and eccentric people–and that’s just to start. All of it inspires me; all of it, in some way, makes me glad I live here. What do you think of the “magic” story above–and where do you find magic here?



1. susannah - April 29, 2008

Yeah, that’s wonderful! I think “she” gave us the friendship of one CPB, first and foremost… :) (Awww….)

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