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A Hot Time in the Old Furnace March 18, 2008

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This past weekend I returned to Sloss Furnaces for another metal casting workshop, where I created iron printing blocks! Why would a person need such a thing, you ask? I plan to experiment with rust printing–which is just as it sounds; rather than using ink to transfer an image, I’ll make the metal rust the image onto fabric or paper. I’m excited to try out that technique, since it holds so many intriguing possibilities for my art.

It may take a little while before I have any rust prints to show you, but right now you can get a look at how I made metal printing blocks (and how metal casting works in general) in a special set on my Flickr page. Let me know if you have any questions about the process. I can’t wait to go back to Sloss and cast more printing blocks!



1. jill - March 19, 2008

nice photos. if you did not tell me what you were doing, some of the photos would have led me to believe you were growing aliens in those big white boxes. can’t wait to see the actual plates and prints.

2. jeannebird - April 4, 2008

You talked me into it.
I guess I’m just gonna have to find time to take that casting class at SLOSS. I especially liked the robot, did you do that one in the 1st class, then the other 3 in the 2nd class?

3. cbuchanan - April 5, 2008

Hi Jeanne! I did the robot and Ensley Works in the first class and the three lino blocks in the second class.

The first class, since it’s a beginner workshop, focuses on using wax to create the original artwork to be cast into metal, though they’ll change that up for people who want to explore other areas. (For example, while most of my beginner class was making wax sculpture, I was carving into wax poured onto boards because I wanted to start figuring out how I could make metal panels for printing.) That might change a bit now that they’ll have a new teacher for the beginner class starting in May.

When you go back as an artist, you’re supposed to arrive with your pieces ready to be cast, whether it’s a wax sculpture or whatever.

You should definitely do the workshops–you’d have a great time!

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