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Weekend Wanderings March 2, 2008

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Wow, what a glorious weekend–so sunny, so warm, flowers beginning to pop out. Spring is my favorite time of year here–and I’d argue that it’s Birmingham’s most beautiful season–and that sure was a tantalizing taste of it!

Speaking of tantalizing tastes, I found two new favorite foods in this town at Urban Standard on Saturday. Their chicken salad sandwich is dang good–the cranberries are an inspired addition. And their sugar cookie sandwich–well, anything that makes me pass up a red velvet cupcake has to be remarkable, and this treat is certainly that. Two soft-but-approaching-crispy sugar cookies, with a delicate touch of some other flavor (lemon? almond?), enclosing delicious strawberry icing. Very satisfying!

Friday night I checked out the exhibit “Leap” at Bare Hands Gallery, and its the perfect show for the beginning of spring, because the pieces in the main space incorporate lots of color and movement and animals. Not all of them are my cup of tea, but they’ll certainly put you in a springlike mood. On the right wall, you’ll also see some impressive–and large and intricately layered–woodcut prints. The main attraction of this show for me, though, was the exhibit in the back alley by Julie Ward, who is my metal casting teacher at Sloss Furnaces. Her pieces included cast-iron creations, rust prints on fabric, and hybrid pieces mixing metal, rust, fabric, and/or resin, and they play with the juxtaposition of hard and soft surfaces. Just wait till you see what lace cast in metal looks like. The show runs until March 22.



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