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Rock On! February 10, 2008

Posted by cbuchanan in Uncategorized.

Today I had to get out in the bright, warmish sunshine and shake off some winter blues. So I headed to Hoover’s Moss Rock Preserve for the first time. Have you ever been there? It’s quite impressive–lots of trails and spots to sit by burbling creeks–but it’s also kind of fantastical, with giant, oddly formed boulders, rocky moonscapes, gnarled trees, and waterfalls that seem to slide across rocks rather than actually fall off them. In another place and decade, Moss Rock would have been a roadside attraction that charged an entry fee. It’s fortunate that this land was never developed!

The trails aren’t well marked, but it didn’t matter. I enjoyed exploring the place. Birmingham is really lucky to have so many pieces of wilderness right here in the city, and Moss Rock is up there with Ruffner Mountain, Oak Mountain, and the future Red Mountain Park as a great urban–or in this case, suburban–oasis.



1. curtispalmer - February 20, 2008

You might enjoy some other places like Moss Rock Preserve (aka The Boulders) which is my #1 place… see http://curtispalmer.wordpress.com/2005/07/27/birmingham-invisible-city-top-10/ for some ideas.

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