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Tuesday To-Do List February 4, 2008

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You’re probably reading this on Tuesday the 5th. Which means I have these suggestions for you:

1. Go vote! For the first time in forever, Alabama will have an impact on our choice of presidential nominees. Oh sure, we’re going to get overshadowed by states like California and New York, but every delegate matters to this batch of candidates, so your vote actually will make a difference. Heck, candidates actually visited Alabama this time around, so they seem to be interested!

2. Visit the Terminal and click on the “Collective Perspectives” box on the right. Every Tuesday in Feb., Vulcan Park is hosting a different fascinating program–touching on B’ham history, B’ham jazz, B’ham filmmaking, and B’ham art–to celebrate Black History Month.

3. And go ahead and make your plans for Friday night, when Naked Art hosts the opening for “Small ‘n’ Sweet,” a show of jewelry, miniature wall art, and Valentines, from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. Actually, all of Forest Park will be having an open house that night, so the atmosphere will be festive (and there will likely be chocolate!). Be sure to check out my new mini wall pieces and one-of-a-kind Valentine cards while you’re at the gallery.



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