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Playing Favorites December 26, 2007

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The other day I was thinking about my favorite spots in this city, and I realized there wasn’t just one. So, of course, that calls for a list. Now this isn’t one of those end-of-year review lists; these aren’t my favorite spots just for 2007, though some of them did pop up this year.

Favorite Place to Feel Part of the City:
Rainbow Viaduct (21st St./Arrington Blvd. viaduct)–It has a great skyline view all around, plus trains moving beneath your feet. If I had to choose one favorite spot in B’ham, this would likely be it.

Favorite Events:
Artwalk (for several reasons, some of them very obvious) and Dia de los Muertos at Bare Hands Gallery

Favorite City View:
Vulcan Trail–I like this skyline view because it shifts as you walk the trail, plus you get a glimpse of Southside neighborhood streets and can hear the sounds of the city below. Plus this trail may offer the best views of Vulcan himself.

Favorite Hangout Spot:
Rojo. Bottletree and the Garage are close behind, and Urban Standard is moving up fast.

Favorite New Arrivals:
What’s on Second and Urban Standard. If you haven’t yet checked them out, you’re in for a treat. Honorable mention goes to the Wine Loft for its atmosphere.

Favorite Place to Take Visitors After Vulcan Park:
Sloss Furnaces–There’s certainly nothing like it anywhere else.

Favorite Spots to Chill Out:
Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Birmingham Museum of Art–A walk around either one refreshes and inspires me.

So what and where are your favorite spots in B’ham?



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