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Musings from Making Magnets October 21, 2007

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Today I’ve been making printed magnets–and thinking about a few things I’ve been meaning to post. Like these:

–Have you seen the new fleet of buses that the Fish Market has deployed around downtown to bring people to its Southside restaurant and Newk’s next door? They run specific routes around lunchtime and are free. I think that’s a spectacular idea–but more than that, I think it will be hilarious if George Sarris shows our local governments just how to run an efficient, effective transit system!

–And have you ever noticed the number of empty flagpoles atop old buildings downtown? If you look at old photos or postcards of Birmingham or any other city, flags used to fly all the time. Big flags. They would be used to advertise stores or just tout how tall a building was. I think this is something that should come back because it would be an easy and instant way to add color, movement, and energy to the skyline. It wouldn’t matter if they were American flags, Alabama flags, city flags, or corporate/store flags. I noticed earlier this year that Alabama Power (I believe) has hoisted a big U.S. flag atop its headquarters, and it looks great. Now imagine how it would look with a lot more of those flapping in the breeze.

–I’m intrigued by this new blog: The Intown Green/UrbanUpscale Minute. Written by a Norwood resident and advocate for the revitalization of Birmingham’s neighborhoods. Check it out.

–Also check out the work of Kent Ambler, a South Carolina artist I met yesterday at the Kentuck art festival. He is an amazing printmaker–some of his woodcuts almost look like paintings. I couldn’t resist buying one.

–And last but not least, The Terminal T-shirts are on sale. They feature the logo print I designed along with the image of the classic “It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham” tagline/license plate, plus they come in different colors, AND part of every purchase helps local charities. You’ll see the link to the T-shirts on the main page.



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