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Artwalk Preview! August 22, 2007

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You’re probably reading this on or after Thursday, August 23, and if so, you should pick up the new issue of Black & White–because it contains the 2007 Artwalk program. Though the festival is still a couple of weeks away, you can get all the info on it right now, as well as preview all the artists who will be there.

Like last year, Artwalk will cover Morris, 1st Ave. N., 2nd Ave. N., 1st Ave. S., and 2nd Ave. S. from 21st St. to 25th St. But you’ll find plenty of new things to discover along with the art: an evening of spoken word/literary reading performances starring writers from Chicago and Birmingham; a KidZone (on Saturday) inspired by art movements; artist demonstrations; and a trolley connecting the Artwalk site on both sides of the tracks. Plus there’s music and food and a ton of familiar and new restaurants and bars to check out in the area. (I mean, how popular is the Wine Loft going to be that Friday night? And don’t forget to stop by Matthew’s Bar and Grill, now open on Morris Ave.)

The Artwalk program has all these details and more, so be sure to pick up a copy!



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