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The Chicago School April 1, 2007

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I’m just back from a conference in Chicago. I got to visit Millennium Park for the first time, and I really really REALLY hope that the planners of our Railroad Reservation Park have gone there and taken notes. What an engaging, interactive, draw-you-in-and-keep-you-there place! People couldn’t resist the “Cloud Gate” sculpture and the fountain with the faces (even though the water wasn’t on)–or, interestingly enough, the empty Gehry-designed amphitheater. Now we don’t have to go hiring world-renowned architects or artists to design our park’s elements (though that *would* be cool!), but I hope we don’t settle for something plain and conventional. We can do something that feels like Birmingham, yet still is visionary. We can even outdo Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park. As Millennium Park proves, it will pay off.



1. blanche in Seattle - April 2, 2007

investigate some of the amazinhg parks built in Germany and Holland on reclaimed industrial sites for inspiration for Railroad Reservation Park

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