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Hot Stuff March 8, 2007

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I just finished carving a new block–which you’ll most likely see next month at Naked Art. :) But before then, here are some things to experience around town that I highly recommend (and plan to do myself):

Sloss Iron Pours: Do not miss seeing one of these! I find them mesmerizing. For $15, you’ll get a tour of Sloss and a sand mold where you can carve a design–then watch the metal artists fill it with molten iron to create a heavy memento to take home. A true, unique Birmingham experience. It happens from 9:00 to noon every Wednesday in March.

Czech Contemporary Art: I know nothing about Czech contemporary art, so I’m intrigued by the new exhibit of paintings at the Museum of Art. It’s got everything from art nouveau to cubism and abstraction, and you’re not likely to see another exhibit of Czech art around these parts–I’d say that’s a good enough reason to Czech–er, check–it out. :) It lasts till April 29.

Speaking of museum exhibits, be sure to stop by the Alabama Folk Art exhibit the Museum of Art has down in a warehouse on 1st Ave. N. I was mighty impressed by it, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t always love folk art. My favorite pieces were the animals made from scrap metal (the horse is astonishing and so animated), but there was a lot I liked and found inspiring for my own art. The opening hours for the folk art exhibit are rather unusual, but it’s definitely worth the effort to see it.



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