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Big Thanks! January 17, 2007

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The opening of my show was an enormous success–Vero said it was her best-ever January opening–and if you attended it, talked about it, promoted it, bought something, admired something, or simply thought good thoughts, thank you so much! It means a lot to me, and it’s something I’ll never forget.

Photos from Friday night are now up on Naked Art’s site. I was amazed at the buzz that day and the crowds that night, and I only wish I had more time to talk to each person who came to the opening and Capricornucopia. Saturday was slower as usual, but there was a steady stream of people throughout the afternoon. On that day, for the first time ever, I showed people how I carve a block, and that was a lot of fun.

The show runs until Feb. 3, and there’s still plenty of stuff to look at and buy, so be sure to stop by the gallery if you haven’t had a chance.

Also, let me know what show pieces you’d like to see more of. I’ve already had requests for more Terminal Station prints, movie theater sign prints, skyline prints, T-shirts, and chalkboards. I may have some of the prints at Naked Art as soon as next month.



1. CJ - January 17, 2007

Loved the show, SO excited about my purchase (I’m the chick who bought “Magic & Mortar”). I failed to mention Friday that it’s my first “real” art purchase (that is, not on paper or cardboard … although I LOVE my letterpress posters) … I’m pretty excited.

2. cbuchanan - January 17, 2007

Thanks again for buying it, and congratulations on the first “real” art purchase! I’m honored! I forgot to mention the other day that “Magic and Mortar” will appear on HGTV. When they filmed me last month, I had it on the mantelpiece behind me as I carved a block and made prints. That episode should air this fall, and when I know the exact airdate, I’ll put it in this blog.

Where did you get your letterpress posters? I love letterpress, and I have posters from several places. Letterpress inspires me a lot, and I like to think of my printmaking as being closer to that than woodcut printing.

It was great to meet you, and I hope you’ll come to future Naked Art openings! (I’m at all of them, usually taking photos.)

3. CJ - January 20, 2007

I have two letterpress posters from Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. – one from his coffee series and one of the 2003 Kentuck posters. (I actually used to live right by the Kentuck gallery … we walked to the festival that year!) And I have one Hatch Show Print poster, which is awesome but maybe a little bit less exciting.

That’s why my co-worker and I came to your opening – because the block printing reminded us a lot of letterpress, which we both love. And why I was so excited about “Magic and Mortar,” because I think it’ll look awesome with my letterpress stuff.

Definitely planning to catch those HGTV episodes – have met several of the area artists who were filmed, and it should be entertaining! I’m sure we’ll be back at Naked Art again.

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