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In the News January 11, 2007

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Three media outlets have written about me and my upcoming show–and let me tell you, it feels really odd to be interviewed/edited when I interview/edit people for a living. :)

(If you want to be totally surprised by the pieces in my show, don’t read these publications until after you visit Naked Art. All three feature images along with the articles.)

Black & White gave me a huge honor by placing the article on me after photo-heavy features on O.V. Hunt (a classic B’ham photographer whose pictures of old B’ham are on display at Vulcan Park) and BirminghamRewound.com. I’m especially excited to see Hunt’s photo of Terminal Station and the Magic City sign followed by my own version of those two icons just a few pages later.

Birmingham Weekly named my show as one of their “picks” for the week.

Pine Magazine, an online publication that seems to focus on Atlanta and B’ham, published an interview and multi-piece portfolio of some of my show items. (Be sure to check out the rest of Pine, too–it’s an intriguing newcomer to the scene.)

I hope to see you on Friday or Saturday!



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