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International Prints + Local News January 7, 2007

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Want to see some cool prints? Check out the newly updated site for the Bookmarks 2005 international print exchange. Organized by printmakers in Belgium, the exchange involved 275 artists from tons of countries–each entrant made and sent in 11 bookmarks; 10 were mailed to other artists, and one was kept to appear in exhibits in Belgium and apparently elsewhere. I participated in this, and it was very exciting to get the other 10 bookmarks in the mail–the range of styles and techniques is amazing, as you can see when you check out the gallery with thumbnails on that site. (You’ll see my “Railroad Reservation” on page 4.)

Did you notice that the “Cabana” sign and giant C are no longer on top of the old Cabana Hotel building? I’m sad to see those go, though I am glad to hear that the developers of the fancy condos going in there plan to somehow highlight the stub of the dirigible mooring mast (on the roof, formerly hidden by the giant C).

It was also reported today that Reed Books is moving back downtown–he’s found a first-floor space on 3rd Ave. N. That’s great news, though his new space will be somewhat smaller. I wonder–when you have a business like that, how do you decide what to get rid of when you need to pare down the stock? I for one would miss the room full of Life magazines or the tabletop stacked with old gas station road maps and letters from the 1940s if they had to go! (Not that I ever buy much of that, but still.)



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