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Post-Preamble Post August 13, 2006

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Kudos to Artwalk for throwing the best Preamble ever last Thursday night! Plenty of people showed up to see cool art, listen to cool music, talk to cool people, and eat food from cool restaurants. (If the people on the cool city task force missed the party, they have a lot to answer for!) I was especially intrigued by all the interesting art from new artists in the auctions. There were lots of styles and names I didn’t recognize, and I will definitely be checking out some of those artists when I get a break from my booth during Artwalk.

My “Downtown Drive” auction piece now has a happy new home in the loft district, and I had a great time meeting the buyer and explaining where I discovered the images for that piece downtown.

I’m so excited and proud of what Artwalk has done over the past few years. It has really grown–and become an event people talk about and anticipate–but it still has that accessible, affordable, fringe-y, grassroots, rough-around-the-edges feel that I love. (Dre titled his Preamble report with “Art for the People,” and that sentiment hits the nail on the head.) For me Artwalk encapsulates and symbolizes the energy powering the central city’s revitalization. When I show art there–or contribute something or attend events–I feel like I’m changing things here, and that’s exciting.



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