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Return of the Barber’s Clock July 29, 2006

Posted by cbuchanan in Uncategorized.

I heard last night–from a reliable source–that things are moving on restoring the Barber’s sign/clock and bringing it back to Five Points. You know that I, the vintage sign freak, am quite excited over this! That sign is a Birmingham landmark, and it made Five Points stand apart from other neighborhoods full of restaurants and clubs. When it sparkled at night, it was a magnet drawing you up 20th Street.

I don’t know many details about the restoration project other than that community organizations and corporations are on board, and they’re going to launch the fund-raising drive soon–and the goal is a very reachable one. I’ll post more news about this whenever I hear it, including how to make contributions.

Now if only they’d take my advice and rebuild the “Birmingham-The Magic City” sign in the Railroad Reservation Park. :)


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