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Birmingham Top 25 To Do July 8, 2006

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(Of course, some of these aren’t possible right now since some of the spots are under renovation, I can’t levitate, etc., but you never know what the future holds, so on the list they go.)

1. Take metal casting classes at Sloss Furnaces.
2. Attend more events at Workplay.
3. Visit lots of other local art galleries. (You’d be surprised at how many I haven’t been to.)
4. Attend more productions by the smaller/more interesting theatrical groups (Terrific New Theater, LJCC, etc.)
5. Do the “Swing and Wings” event at the Carver Theatre. (Must learn swing dancing!)
6. Hike Moss Rock Preserve.
7. Visit Aldridge Gardens.
8. See the Southern Museum of Flight.
9. Take pictures at Rickwood Field.
10. Take pictures at the old Ensley steel works (the abandoned smokestacks you see from I-20/59 heading west of downtown)
11. Visit Pepper Place and its farmers market more often.
12. Get up close to the top of the Empire Building (my favorite one downtown).
13. Live downtown (or somewhere in town).
14. Walk around the Highland/Southside area to look at the architecture of all those old houses.
15. Visit the Finley Avenue farmers market.
16. Hike Ruffner Mountain (and perhaps do one of their sunset events).
17. Walk the Vulcan Trail.
18. Do at least one of those “Dance with a Twist” events at the art museum (maybe if they do tango–must learn to tango).
19. Visit a finished condo in the City Federal Building.
20. See a performance in the restored Lyric Theater.
21. Go to a show at Bottletree.
22. Join Catalyst (if I get more time!).
23. Take a ghost tour at Sloss Furnaces.
24. Explore Ensley, Bessemer, and other western suburbs for photo opportunities.
25. Go ice skating at the Pelham rink.

What’s on your list?



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